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Member Spotlight

                                 Member Spotlight

                                              Doug Meadows


                                           Ram International
                                A Flat World Holdings Company

In a nutshell, what is your company all about?

Our Ram International operating company is an International Freight Forwarder (IFF) and US Customs Broker under the corporate umbrella of Flat World Holdings.

What is your position in the company, what do you do?

I am the VP of Sales for our organization. Even with that title, my roots in the business are operational. I have recently been tasked to develop our cold chain solutions in the international market and build out cold rooms in our St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta warehouses. It is a new challenge for a person that was considering retirement last year!

What makes your company different from other companies in your industry?

A local St. Louis person started Ram in 1980. I joined the company in 1986. In January of 2015, we sold to a local group of people, also located in St. Louis. We are now a part of Flat World Holdings, which includes Ram International, Ram Custom Crating, Flat World Supply Chain and Prologue Technology. The ownership is young, energetic, and demands a culture of excellence from our now 72 employees. This is what makes us different for me. It is fun to come to work again. I thought I would be out fishing more after the sale in 2015 but I am truly enjoying the ride with this new ownership group. They have been terrific to me.

What was your company's most recent greatest accomplishment?

There are plenty of business reasons to be excited. We added a new Ram office at Dallas airport last October. We just signed the lease for our Atlanta facility today. Ram is growing for the first time in 36 years. Our FWSC sister company introduced a new shipment execution platform to the domestic supply market. This platform has been developed by our Prologue Technology group to supplement our proprietary Pipeline TMS system. It is branded as “Pangea”. We integrated this system into a major account’s ERP system late last year and the productivity results have been substantial. This is going to be very big for us going forward!

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?

Keeping up with both the content and costs of changing regulations are always a challenge. It also makes our business very interesting.

Why are you a GOITA Member?

As a sales oriented person, I certainly appreciate the networking opportunities with clients and my peers in the industry. There are so many great people around and it is fun getting to know them better. It is also important to me to be current in our industry topics. I also belong to the St. Louis Trade Practitioners Roundtable group in St. Louis. Just this month, I heard great presentations by Kristy Wiggins of the Department of Commerce and Carrie Samuel of Marisol on exporting fundamentals and export controls at our GOITA meeting. Just a couple of weeks earlier, I was at a trade compliance forum that included an FBI special agent, a DOD special agent and a BIS special agent. Those special agents arrest the people and fine the companies that are not informed about what Kristi and Carrie were talking about. Being a part of this group, and other similar groups, is very helpful to my company and me. The other selfish reason is that I just leased a slip for my fishing boat at Tablerock Lake. Any reason for me to spend time in the Springfield area might just get me out fishing more. Now you know the whole story!