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Greater Ozarks International Trade Association - Springfield, MO


                Opportunities for Internation Trade

Successful businesses are always looking for opportunities togrow and expanding through international trade.  The relationship between the U.S. and other countries has improved and the international community has a growing interest in building a stronger trade relationships across the globe.
The Greater Ozarks International Trade Association invites you join us as we present opportunities to lear about International Trade.
Founded in 1981, The Greater Ozarks International Trade Association (GOITA) is a non-profit service organization designed to assist individuals and businesses in the development of international trade activities. GOITA offers resources and networking, as well as a host of speakers, seminars and other activities.
If you would like to learn more information about this topic, please contact:
M. Loretta Wallis, Corporate Relations Manager
Brewer Science, Inc
Tel: (US) +1.573.364.0300, Ext. 1357
Email:  mwallis@brewerscience.com

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